A Brief History Of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The History of Harley Davidson motorcycles dates back to the early twentieth century, (1903 to be precise) Pioneered by two very talented and dedicated individuals, William Harley and Arthur Davidson.

The earliest motorcycles that were produced by these two men were essentially bikes that were to be used mostly for racing endeavors. This was a strategy to make the brand known by more and more people in the automobile industry. Winning races enabled the company to get the capital that was needed to embark on large scale motorcycle production.

harley davidson

Gradually a stable company was established that produced high performance and good quality bikes for various public institutions and industries all over the United States. In large part this success was attributed to the skill and dedication of the very first employees that were employed by the two pioneers of this beautiful brand.

The racing ventures of these motorcycle production company continued as they went ahead to race in bigger and more influential tournaments. Racing in national tournaments and competitions is one of the major contributing factors to the success of this automobile giant. The crew from Harley-Davidson went ahead to win many races and tournaments over the years and this was just in the early twentieth century before the world wars had kicked off.

The First World War brought about the need to have portable vehicles and automobiles being used to transport soldiers and military personnel in the battle fields. This led to more production of  motorcycles specifically for use by the men and women in the line of fire. These bikes proved to be quite invaluable and very effective in their purpose and this further more contributed to the growth of the brand and enganced its reputation for toughness and reliability..

During this whole period, other motorcycle manufacturers had been gone out of business and in the end two giants emerged in US motorcycle production for public and military use – the Harley Davidson Company and the Indian motorcycle company were the last two competitors who were still standing firmly on their feet during the period before the Second World War.

The Second World War led to more and more production of bikes for the military and service men who were out in the field. Motor bikes could be exported to as far as Germany for this cause and this made the company a worldwide force to reckon with. With just one major domestic competitor, the Harley-Davidson brand had no external pressure to their production activities at all.

After this brief period of war, normal production activities soon resumed and the famous bikes were now accessible to the public once more. This was a good move that saw the faster growth of the company to what it has become today. The production of these bikes continued and the racing activities that had existed there before were taken back and the bikes went on to win many more races in the future.

Like all companies, Harley Davidson has had its ups and downs, but it emergence from the war years guaranteed it an iconic status in American hearts. Today they are seen as quintessential Americana and the brand had evolved from simply a badge on a machine to represent a lifestyle.

Harley Davidson motorcycle merchandise is a huge business and in countries throughout the world owners clubs ensure a healthy social experience for those who embrace the bikes and the brand. When you buy a Harley you are not just getting a bike with the distinctive growl but are entering an established club with a very distinctive identity.

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